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About Spur Run Farm
slide3Spur Run Farm is built on years of experience and a deep love for horses and riding.  The owner of the farm, Megan D’Amico, first began riding horses at the age of ten and knows the joy that these majestic creatures can bring into a person’s life.

Megan opened the Spur Run Farm in 2002 with hopes of fostering the same love for horses in others. Her farm offers adults & children the opportunity to interact with a horse/pony to determine the right fit for them.  Megan is dedicated to pairing the right pony with the right rider.  Megan’s expertise in riding ensures that the riders progress in skill, knowledge, and experience.

Spur Run Farm sells hoses of all breeds.  Many ponies are award-winning champions along the East Coast, participating in shows like Swan Lake and Capital Challenge.  You will not find a more caring place to buy a horse.  If there is a breed Spur Run Farm does not have, they will work to get it for you.